Re: Academics teaching on European affairs and Brexit

Chris Heaton-Harris, Conservative MP for Daventry, government whip and arch Eurosceptic has had the temerity to write to vice-chancellors asking for ‘the names of professors at your establishment who are involved in teaching European affairs with particular reference to Brexit’. Not content with this unacceptable intrusion into academic life he also asked to be provided with ‘a copy of the syllabus and links to the college lectures which relate to this area’.

There is a disturbing pattern emerging here. During the referendum campaign, the Conservative MP, Bernard Jenkin, who is a board member of Vote Leave, made an official complaint when the LSE hosted an event at which the secretary general of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said that there was ‘no upside for the UK in Brexit’. Jenkin also accused the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance of producing partisan research designed to convince the public to stay in the EU. This prompted numerous inquiries by the Electoral Commission, although no action against the university was forthcoming.

"The Small World, the Great!" A Tribute to Greek Poet Odysseus Elytis

On the occasion of a new multilingual edition of Elytis’ poetry, an anthology in five languages (Ikaros, 2016), will be presented, celebrating the profound aesthetic and ethical values of the poet’s work, in dialogue with one of the most outstanding living Greek composers, George Couroupos. 


Η θεατρική παράσταση Women of PassionWomen of Greece, του Πολιτιστικού Πολυχώρου «Το Τρένο στο Ρουφ», που συγκίνησε Έλληνες και ξένους θεατές με την ευαίσθητη σκηνοθετική ματιά, το δυνατό κείμενο, τη μοναδική ερμηνεία, τη ζωντανή μουσική και το εντυπωσιακό οπτικό περιβάλλον, έρχεται στις Βρυξέλλες, στο θεατρικό χώρο του Centre Communautaire deLijsterbes (Lijsterbessenbomenlaan 6, 1950 - Kraainem), στις 27 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017, ώρα 20:00.

Βραδιά του Ερευνητή στο ΕΜΠ

Το Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πολυτεχνείο ανοίγει τις πύλες του και φέτος, για τέταρτη συνεχή χρονιά, διοργανώνοντας τη Βραδιά του Ερευνητή στο ΕΜΠ την Παρασκευή 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017 στο εμβληματικό κτίριο Αβέρωφ του Ιστορικού Συγκροτήματος Πατησίων του Πολυτεχνείου από τις πέντε το απόγευμα έως τα μεσάνυχτα.

The Hellenic Institute will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in the next academic year with a number of special events, to which you are warmly invited.

The first event will take place at the Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, London W1U 5AS on Thursday 30 November 2017 at 7.00 pm

The Cambridge Hellenic Learned Society organises a lecture by its  distinguished member (and Trustee) Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas, on Sunday, October 8th, at St Paul’s Centre, Cambridge, with the title  THE EPIDEMICS OF THE MODERN ERA: FROM SUPERBUGS TO ZIKA and EBOLA, WHY AND HOW DO NEW INFECTIONS EMERGE? [Why do epidemics happen? Why do new infections emerge all the time? What can we do to prevent the end of antibiotics?