'Knowing Our Rights' with Martha Spurrier, Director of 'Liberty'

Britain in Europe is launching the 'Knowing Our Rights' project on Tuesday 14th March at 4.30 - 6.30pm with a keynote by the new Director of 'Liberty', Martha Spurrier.

Martha's talk will shed light on the risks that Brexit presents for the protection of fundamental human rights in our country. Upon taking office at one of the most prominent human rights organisations in the UK, Martha is quoted as saying that 'human rights will be the fight of our generation'. She has since made halting the repeal of the Human Rights Act, and protecting the European Convention on Human Rights, her top priority, and she is leading on 'Liberty' work around immigration detention, hate crime and hostile environmental policies. Her talk at Brunel will expand upon all these critical human rights issues.

The ‘Knowing Our Rights’ research project aims to increase and deepen knowledge of the operation of the European Convention of Human Rights in the UK, ensuring, in particular, that the British public obtains a balanced, research-based view of key rights in the Convention. The project is funded by the Open Society Initiative for Europe and the Open Society Foundations.


-Welcome and launch of 'Knowing our Rights' project
Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos

-Screening of 'Knowing our Rights' video

-Keynote: Martha Spurrier

-Q & A

-Refreshments and Networking

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